Ash KetchumEdit

Ash Ketchum


10 as of debut



Eye/Hair Color

Brown Eyes/Black Hair


Pallet Town, Kanto


Delia Ketchum (Mother)

Trainer Class


Game Counterpart



Pokémon- I Choose You!

English Voices

Veronica Taylor (4Kids), Sarah Natochenny (TPCI)

Japanese Voice

Rica Matsumoto

Since his start, Ash has wanted to be 'The World's Greatest Pokémon Master', as stated in the first episode. Ash began his journey at age 10, but he was late, causing him to take the opinionated Pikachu. He had trouble and was unable to catch any Pokémon due to the fact that his Pikachu extremely disliked him and refused to help him. In an attempt to catch a Spearow with a rock, Ash ended up being chased by the whole flock, and Pikachu as well was chased. In an attempt to protect his only Pokémon, Ash used his own body to shield him from the Spearow with his own body, but at that point, Pikachu realized how much he meant to Ash and sprung up to help by zapping the flock, but he was greatly damaged by this

Ash/Satoshi in his DP Outfit

act, so Ash "borrowed" a bike from a girl by the lake to ride to the Pokémon Center, but in the process it was burnt, though he still kept going. In this event was how he met Misty, his first companion on his Pokémon journey, who wouldn't leave at first because she wished to have her bike payed for, but it soon turned to staying just as she liked adventuring with Ash.

From that point Ash still had much to learn about battling, for his first capture was just luck and he wouldn't admit he was wrong. Most of his first gym badges were given out of gratitude for something or anything similar to that. Like with the case of the Pewter City Gym Badge, he didn't truly beat Brock, as it was the sprinklers in the gym that weakened Onix, but he gave the badge to him after Ash decided that the battle wasn't fair because he didn't actually weaken Onix on his own. After which Flint revealed his true identity as Brock's father and he decided to stay with Brock's many siblings, so Brock set out with Ash and Misty. Ash seemed to cross paths with his rival, Gary Oak multiple times, where he was reminded that he wasn't as good as he thought, seeing as Gary had caught many more Pokémon than him.

Over the course of the anime Ash grew more in both skill and friendship. He at first, willed himself to go on because he wished to overcome his rival, Gary, by catching more Pokémon, but later he slowed
Anime Ash

Ash in the Original Anime

himself and realized that he should focus more on each individual Pokémon and their skills. In this way, he decides to focus more on the Pokémon working hard and doing their best than evolving. He is happy when his Pokémon evolve, though he doesn't force them to, shown when he offers Pikachu a Thunderstone, and Pikachu refuses it, and Ash is okay with that. Finally, in the Johto Silver Confrence, Ash manages to overcome Gary in a battle, marking a huge milestone in his life.

In most episodes, Ash befriends someone who has a great influence on him, not only as a trainer, but as a person in a whole. He depends on his friends at times, particularly the parental aspect of Brock. The term 'Best Friend' is usually reserved for Ash's closest partner, Pikachu, though he has used this term to describe Brock, Misty, May and Max. He traveled the region of Kanto with both Misty and Brock, though when setting out for the Orange Islands, he befriends Tracy Sketchit, who comes along with him and Misty through the Orange Islands. But, upon returning to land, Tracey decided to stay with Professor Oak, while he, Misty and Brock set out for the Johto League. After completing the Johto League, Ash, Misty and Brock part ways, only though, Ash reunites with Brock when arriving in the Hoenn Region. Upon arriving in the Hoenn Region, Ash meets a young trainer named May who at first desires to only see the world, but soon decides to be a Coordinator. They meet her brother Max, who, though too young to be a Trainer, tags along. They soon reunite with Brock. Upon leaving the Hoenn League, Brock again leaves, only to reunite with Ash yet again. Once in the Sinnoh Region, Ash meets a girl named Dawn, who too wishes to be a Coordinator. In a recurring gag, the female protagonists's bike is burnt to a crisp by Pikachu's Thunderbolt.


Ash in his AG Outfit

Throughout the anime, Ash is revealed to resemble many special, historic people, most which have to do with aura, like Sir Aaron and the Aura Guardian and his Pikachu in 'The Keystone Pops'. In the movie 'Lucario and the Mystery of Mew' Ash is revealed to have aura almost exactly the same as Sir Aaron before him, and utilizes his aura in the same way as Sir Aaron had before him, though not as powerful. Later in 'The Keystone Pops' Ash is revealed to be similar to the Aura Guardian who sealed Spiritomb in the Hallowed Tower. He is similar in the way that he has a Pikachu, like the Aura Guardian, and that he and his Pikachu sealed Spiritomb in the Hallowed Tower. Later, in another episode he uses his aura to locate and use telepathy with a missing Riolu Ash is also revealed to be 'The Chosen One' who will restore balance to the world. He has a bond with certain legendary Pokémon (Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Latias, Azelf, Shaymin, Giratina and Arceus).

Ash has Contest Passes for both Hoenn and Sinnoh. In Hoenn, it was required to view one of the contests that May participated in. In Sinnoh, however, Ash states that he only intends to use it in the single contest that he wished to enter. Though, he did participate in the Wallace Cup, because Wallace said that it would be good for Buizel, but he lost in the third round.

Ash has a few keepsakes, like half a Pokéball that is part of a Pokéball that he and Gary share (Gary has the other half). He also has a fishing lure from Misty that looks exactly like her and the half of the Terracotta Contest ribbon that he tied with May.

Ash lived with his mother, Delia Ketchum, until he turned ten at which point he left for his Pokémon journey. His father was never introduced in the anime, though there are hints that he may be a traveling
Younger Ash DP138

Ash in his younger years

Pokémon Trainer. Ash is one of the only children in the anime, aside from Dawn and possibly Tracey.


On HandEdit

Pikachu's Moves
ThunderShock- Electric
Thunderbolt- Electric
Leer- Normal
Agility- Psychic
Quick Attack- Normal
Thunder- Electric
Double Edge- Normal
Tackle- Normal
Iron Tail- Steel
Volt Tackle- Electric

Heracross's Moves
Tackle- Normal
Horn Attack- Normal
Endure- Normal
Leer- Normal
Take Down- Normal
Fury Attack- Normal
Fury Swipes- Normal
Megahorn- Bug
Sleep Talk- Normal
Focus Punch- Fighting

Quilava's Moves
Flamethrower- Fire
Tackle- Normal
Agility- Psychic
SmokeScreen- Normal
Swift- Normal
Quick Attack- Normal
Flame Wheel- Fire
Eruption- Fire
Aerial Ace- Flying

Staraptor's Moves
Whirlwind- Normal
Gust- Flying
Quick Attack- Normal
Wing Attack- Flying
Aerial Ace- Flying
Brave Bird- Flying
Close Combat- Fighting

With Professor OakEdit

In TrainingEdit



Given AwayEdit

League AchievementsEdit

League BadgesEdit

Indigo LeagueEdit

Boulder Badge- Pewter City, Gym Leader Brock

Ash's Eight Kanto Badges

Cascade Badge- Cerulean City, Gym Leaders Daisy, Lily and Violet

Thunder Badge- Vermillion City, Gym Leader Lt. Surge

Marsh Badge- Saffron City, Gym Leader Sabrina

Rainbow Badge- Celadon City, Gym Leader Erika

Soul Badge- Fuchsia City, Gym Leader Koga

Volcano Badge- Cinnibar Island, Gym Leader Blaine

Earth Badge- Viridian City, Temporary Gym Leader Jessie

Orange LeagueEdit

Coral-Eye Badge- Mikan Island, Gym Leader Cissy

Ash's Four Orange League Badges

Sea Ruby Badge- Navel Island, Gym Leader Danny

Spike Shell Badge- Trovita Island, Gym Leader Rudy

Jade Star Badge- Kumquat Island, Gym Leader Luana

Johto LeagueEdit

Zephyr Badge- Violet City, Gym Leader Falkner


Ash's Eight Johto Badges

Hive Badge- Azalea Town, Gym Leader Bugsy

Plain Badge- Goldenrod City, Gym Leader Whitney

Fog Badge- Ecruteak City, Gym Leader Morty

Storm Badge- Cianwood City, Gym Leader Chuck

Mineral Badge- Olivine City, Gym Leader Jasmine

Glacier Badge- Mahogany Town, Gym Leader Pryce

Rising Badge- Blackthorn City, Gym Leader Clair

Hoenn LeagueEdit

Stone Badge- Rustboro City, Gym Leader Roxanne

Ashs hoenn badges

Ash's Eight Hoenn Badges

Knuckle Badge- Dewford Town, Gym Leader Brawly

Dynamo Badge- Mauville City, Gym Leader Wattson

Heat Badge- Lavaridge Town, Gym Leader Flannery

Balance Badge- Petalburg City, Gym Leader Norman

Feather Badge- Fortree City, Gym Leader Winona

Mind Badge- Mossdeep City, Gym Leaders Tate and Liza

Rain Badge- Sootopolis City, Gym Leader Juan

Sinnoh LeagueEdit

Coal Badge- Oreburgh City, Gym Leader Roark

800px-Ash Sinnoh Badge

Ash's Eight Sinnoh Badges

Forest Badge- Eterna City, Gym Leader Gardenia

Cobble Badge- Veilstone City, Gym Leader Maylene

Fen Badge- Pastoria City, Gym Leader Crasher Wake

Relic Badge- Hearthome City, Gym Leader Fantina

Mine Badge- Canalave City, Gym Leader Byron

Icicle Badge- Snowpoint City, Gym Leader Candice

Beacon Badge- Sunyshore City, Gym Leader Volkner

Other CompetitionsEdit

Hoenn Battle FrontierEdit

Knowledge Symbol- Battle Factory, Factory Head Noland

Ash's Symbols

Ash's Eight Hoenn Battle Frontier Symbols

Guts Symbol- Battle Arena, Arena Tycoon Greta

Tactics Symbol- Battle Dome, Dome Ace Tucker

Luck Symbol- Battle Pike, Pike Queen Lucy

Spirits Symbol- Battle Palace, Palace Maven Spenser

Ability Symbol- Battle Tower, Salon Maiden Anabel

Brave Symbol- Battle Pyramid, Pyramid King Brandon

Pokémon CompetitionsEdit

Pokémon League RankingEdit

Indigo Conference- Top 16

Silver Conference- Top 8

Ever Grande Conference- Top 8

Pokémon Championship BattlesEdit

Orange League- Champion

Kanto Battle Frontier- Champion

Pokémon ContestsEdit

Terracotta Contest (unofficial)- Winner, Tied with May

Jubilife Contest

Wallace Cup- Top 8

Other CompetitionsEdit

Alto Mare Canal Race (DNF)

Bug-Catching Contest (Champion)

Extreme Pokémon (Champion)

Fire and Rescue Grand Prix

Grass Tournament (Finalist)

Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition (Champion- with Paul)

Hearthome Collection (Runner-Up)

P1 Grand Prix (Champion)

Pokémon Balloon Race (Champion)

Pokémon Cosplay Contest (Runner-Up)

Pokémon Orienteering

Pokémon Summer Academy Triathlon (Winner)

Pokémon Swap Meet Tauros-Battling Competition (Winner)

PokéRinger- Crossgate Town (Champion)

PokéRinger- Squallville (Champion)

Rota Tournament (Champion)

Seaking Catching Day

Sumo Conference (Champion)

Twinleaf Festival Battle Tournament (Winner)

Whirl Cup (Top 16)


Language Name Origin
Japanese サトシSatoshi Can be taken to mean 智 (wisdom; reason); named after Satoshi Tajiri
English, German Ash Ketchum Ketchum sounds similar to catch 'em. First name can be found in Japanese name, Satoshi. Also, Ash is a default name for Red in Pokémon Red and Blue. Ash trees are suggested as another explanation as well.
French Sacha Ketchum Similar to Ash.
Korean 한지우Han Jiu 지 is from 智satoshi. Alternatively, 지우 can mean "close friend".
Chinese 小智Xiǎo Zhì 智 is from 智satoshi. Can mean "young wisdom"*.